Traveling to Rhodes Island


Traveling to Rhodes Island

By far the largest and the most powerful of the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes (Rodos) abounds in beaches, lush pine valleys and ancient history. Whether you visit in search of buzzing nightlife, sun worshipping, diving in crystal-clear waters, or embark on a historic culture journey through past civilizations, it’s all here.

The Rhodes Old Town of Rhodes is a maze of cobbled streets that will take you back to the days of the Byzantine Empire. Further down south is the picture-perfect village of Lindos, a magical vision where the houses look like “sugar-cubes” spilling down into a turquoise bay.

Tourists come to Rhodes for its endless crystal clear, turquoise beaches, sun, ancient sites, traditional cuisine and Greek hospitality. This is also an island full of natural beauty, in addition to having an excellent tourist infrastructure that hosts some of the best and most modern hotels offered at great rates.

There are countless things for tourists to do, with action-packed resorts and isolated mountain villages, to choose from. Whether you are into adventurous water sports and water parks, or simply want to spend the day exploring an ancient Greek site, it’s all here.